Asphalt Mixing Plant/ Engineering Machine

Min. Order: 1 Piece
Payment Terms: T/T
Asphalt Mixing Plant/ Engineering Machine

Product Description

Modular design. Hot elevator and filler elevator combine with the main tower, which makes the installation and relocation more convenient.
Staircase and platform are set in each frame, which don't need to install alone.
Two sets of ingredients operating system, shich can transfom freely, work independently, and haven`t any extra worries.
Advantage of downside hot mix storage silo:
1. The hot mix storage silo sets under the mixer, which simplifies the transport structure, saves power, enhances the security performance, reduces failure rate, and enhances the speed of installation. And it reduces the installation expenses.
2. To reduce segregation of finished production and nonessential heat disappears.
3. The hot mix storage silo is generally divided into three sections for storing different kinds of materials. And the straight groove is in the middle to dischargs in to trucks.

Excellent Mixing Performance
With European technology, the mixer is made according to the European standards. Main technical parameters such as lifetime, overload, are beyond the Chinese national standards. Some models were exported to Europe. They are awarded with great appreciation from all over the world.
1. Advanced twin-shaft mixer it powerfulin mixing and achieves homogeneity within a short period.
2. Unique dis charge structure with no reidue, no leaking and short discharging time.

Lowest Operating Cost:
The total thermal design follows the European standards, equip-PED with accurate weighting system, the facilities has outstanding performance in fuel consumption and power usage so that we save cost for you.

Modular Cold Feeding:
1. By module design concept, we could provide various combi-nations with cold feeding hoppers and feeding belts as per customer needs.
2. Frequency-variable feeding beltenables auto speed adjustment upon requirement of proportioning and production.
3. Collecting belt and feeding belt are driven by intemationalbranded gears, alignment devices fully equipped along the belt.
4. Sirens and warning lights are available for no-materials waming.

Dryer Drum
1. Driven by 4 intermational-branded motor-gears.
2. Optimized flights design enables thorough heating and increases heat usage.
3. Themal insulation and stainless steel cover effectively prevent heat loss.

Weighing Module:
1. Consists of intemational-branded load cells and weighing modules with direct analog input to PLC.
2. Accuracy is up to other facilities from intemational suppliers, reliable and interferencetolerable.
3. Futhermore, the accurate design of travity center, the adoption of antiwearing and soft connections with full ventilation and heat resistance guarantee the weighing accuracy during operation.

Lnternational-branded bumer with strict calculation in optimized design for themal system ensures full buming with stability and safety, increases heat usage 3%-5% workable in various conditions considering environment protection.

Bitumen Strage System:
Bitument tank numbers Could be requested by clients.
Themal Conducting Oil boiber has strong power, and temperature rises quickly.

Designedby Europeanprofessional, driven by electro-vibrators, it is long life and maintenance free. Perfect cimbination ofvibrating angle and structure guarantees the strict requirements on proportioning and effciency with large mesh. The screen is highly dfficient reliable and adaptable to various proportioning and various aggregates.
Hot Bin:
1. With double-layer design and of large capacity, nationnalpated discharge assembly fabricated for accurate weighing, jam-free and matintenance-free.
2. Optimized structure of hot bin and discharge assembly guarantees precise AG weighing accuracy.
3. Continuous and temperature indicatou,
4. Overflow chutes and dust collecting pipes installed.

Large capacity and special design to prevent materials isolation during stouage.
Type KLB-700 KLB-1000 KLB-1500 KLB-700 KLB-700 KLB-700 KLB-700
Rated Capacity
(instandard conditoins)
56T/H 80T/H 120T/H 160T/H 240T/H 320T/H 400T/H
Cold Aggregate Bin 4 x 5.5M³ 4 x 7.5M³ 4 x 7.5M³ 5 x 10.5M³ 6 x 10.5M³ 6 x 15M³ 6 x 15M³
Drying Roller Specification(mm) 1400X6520 190X6520 1920X8000 2200X8000 2550X11500 2800X12000 3000X12000
Drying Roller Capacity 60T/H 120T/H 180T/H 220T/H 280T/H 360T/H 450T/H
Bag Filtering Area 300M² 400M² 485M² 750M² 912M² 1248M² 1580M²
Exhauster 320M³/MIN 620M³/MIN 844M³/MIN 1080M³/MIN 1580M³/MIN 1970M³/MIN 2268M³/MIN
Hot Elevator Max Capacity 60T/H 100T/H 140T/H 190T/H 280T/H 350T/H 450T/H
Filler Elevator Max 14T/H 16T/H 18T/H 30T/H 37T/H 42T/H 42T/H
Vibrating Screen Structure 4segments 4segments 4segments 9segments 6 decks 11segments
          8 decks 15segments
Vibrating Screen Max Capacity 60T/H 100T/H 140T/H 190T/H 280T/H 350T/H 450T/H
Hot Bin 8M³ 11M³ 13M³ 22/40M³ 60M³ 70M³ 75M³
Aggregate Scale Range 1-1000kg 1-1200kg 1-1800kg 1-2500kg 1-3500kg 1-4500kg 1-5500kg
Bitumen Scale Range 1-80kg 1-100kg 1-150kg 1-200kg 1-300kg 1-400kg 1-500kg
Filler Scale Range 1-120kg 1-150kg 1-200kg 1-220kg 1-370kg 1-600kg 1-800kg
Weighting Accuracy Aggregate≤±0.3%  Bitumen≤±0.25%
Mixing Capacity 700kg 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg 5000kg
Mixing Cycle 45s
Bitumen Tanks Capacity 1 x 40t 1 x 40t 2 x 40t 2 x 50t 3x 50t 4 x 50t 4 x 50t
Themal Conducting 300 000kcal/h 600 000kcal/h 600 000kcal/h 800 000kcal/h 1000 000kcal/h 12000 000kcal/h 12000 000kcal/h
Hot Mix Storage Silo 30T-180T
Installed Power 170kw 270kw 350kw 400kw 580kw 750kw 780kw

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